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Pankaj Electronics enters into the Internet of Things Solutions and Services Market!!
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State of the art, wide-bandwidth, flexible, clip-around, current sensors based on Rogowski Technology.


Power Electronic Measurements Ltd (PEM) are established market leaders in the design and manufacture of wide-bandwidth current measuring devices based on Rogowski technology. With over 20 years of research and development in the field, PEM can justly claim to have pioneered the general purpose Rogowski transducer. PEM offer the CWT range of probes for accurately capturing complex ac waveforms and the RCT range of industrial ac current sensors.

Both ac current probes for laboratory use and ac current transducers for permanent installation are available.

Ideal for semiconductor or power electronics development

  • hf and current pulse measurements
  • Induction Heating
  • Large currents and power frequencies and above
  • Fault currents
  • Power quality and welding applications.

‚ÄčThe CWT Rogowski current probe is suitable for measuring AC current from 100mA to 1MA at frequencies from below 1Hz up into the MHz region.


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