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Pankaj Electronics enters into the Internet of Things Solutions and Services Market!!
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North Star High Voltage develops and manufactures high voltage probes which define the state of the art in high voltage measurements. 

North Star builds two main types of high voltage probes

PVM series designed for

  • Portability
  • Wide Bandwidth
  • Free Standing

VD series designed for

  • Long Life
  • Accuracy 

Both types of probes can be used with 1 Megohm input oscilloscopes (standard) or with meters of various input impedances.

The probes are also available in "bare" versions for OEM applications.

Ignition & Thyratron Drivers

Northstar's ignitron drivers are designed to operate at high current (>400 A) while providing high voltage (>2 kV) in a rugged metal package. Their thyratron drivers are available in styles with DC or pulsed preionization or without preionization.


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