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Pankaj Electronics enters into the Internet of Things Solutions and Services Market!!
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IXYS Integrated Circuits Division

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division

Solid State Relays/Semiconductor Relays

  • Form-A (Normally Open) Relays
  • Form-B (Normally Closed) Relays
  • Combination Form-A & Form-B Relays
  • Power Relays (MOSFET-Based)
  • Quad High-Voltage Analog Switch Array
  • AC Power Switches (SCR-Based) Zero-Cross Turn-On
  • AC Power Switches (SCR-Based) Rapid Turn-On
  • Multifunction Products
  • Line Card Access Switches - LCAS
  • Optically Isolated Gate Drivers
  • Current-Limited SSRs with ThM and VTS

High Speed Digital Opto Isolators

  • CPC5902: Optically Isolated I2C Bus Repeater
  • Dual Bidirectional
  • CPC5903: Optically Isolated I2C Bus Repeater
  • 1-Bidirectional + 1-Unidirectional
  • CPC5002: Dual High-Speed
  • Open-Drain Digital Optical Isolator
  • CPC5001: Dual, One Channel Each Direction
  • Digital Optical Isolator


  • Linear Optocouplers
  • Isolation Amplifiers
  • Single & Dual Optocouplers
  • Optically Isolated Error Amplifiers

High Voltage Devices

  • High Voltage Analog Switches
  • Quad High-Voltage Analog Switch Array
  • MOSFET & IGBT Gate Drivers
  • Optically Isolated Gate Drivers
  • Optically Isolated Gate Drivers - High Current
  • High Voltage LED Drivers

Solar Power Products

  • Solar Cells
  • Power Products
    • Automotive Grade Devices
    • MOSFET & IGBT Gate Drivers
    • Optically Isolated Gate Drivers
    • Optically Isolated Error Amplifiers
    • Load Driver ICs with 3-Wire Interface
    • Depletion-Mode MOSFET Devices
    • Power Relays (MOSFET-Based)
    • AC Power Switches (SCR-Based)
    • Diode Bridges
    • Optically Isolated Gate Drivers - High Current

Telecom Products

  • LCAS: Line Card Access Switches
  • LCAS: Dual LCAS
  • LCAS: LCAS for Ringing SLICs
  • Quad High-Voltage Analog Switch Array
  • LITELINK Silicon DAA
  • Phone Line Supervisory Devices
  • DC Termination ICs (xDSL, ISDN)
  • Telecom Multifunction Series - Ground Start
  • Telecom Multifunction Series - DAA
  • Embedded Modem Modules
  • Call Progress Tone Generation & Detection
  • MF Trunk Signaling Devices
  • Line Sense Relay

Other Integrated Circuits

  • Hall Effect Switches
  • CPC5608 5-Channel Low Power Transistor Array
  • MX884 High Side Current Monitor
  • MX856 / MX857 High Speed Level Shifters

Display Products

  • High Voltage LED Drivers
  • ePaper Source & Gate Drivers


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Principals Speak

"Pankaj Electronics has been a valued long term partner in promoting our power semiconductor products in India. They successfully provide ground level intelligence, access to the varied customers/segments decision makers and have the ability to take the order in what can be a hostile environment for European or American manufacturers. Pankaj Electronics are an excellent bridge between the business cultures of West and East and certainly make our life easier by continually delivering a growing Indian market penetration."
Bradley Green
President - International Sales & Business Development
IXYS Corporation
"ICAR is perhaps the last who joined the fortunate group of partners of Pankaj. However if we look at what has been accomplished in just over one year of partnership, we can only think of a bright success ahead of us."
Dr. Ing. Francesco Folli

Customers Speak

We are business associates with Pankaj Electronics since last 12 years for semiconductor & sensor. M/S Pankaj Electronics meets our expectation for quality and timely delivery.
Deepak Pathak
Head Procurement
Bombardier Transportation
India Limited
"Team PANKAJ have very good coordination and have been an excellent vendor supporting our challenges of price and availability, they have been a pillar of support in creating superior products and services."
Sanjay Reddy
GM Materials
Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd