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Pankaj Electronics enters into the Internet of Things Solutions and Services Market!!
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Power electronics capacitors for DC, AC, and snubber applications


ICAR technical competence has been an essential skill for the development of capacitors and related solutions for special applications since the company was first set up.

Since those days ICAR has carried on in the fields of electronics, becoming a power capacitor specialist.

ICAR products are used for a number of applications

  • Renewable Energy (Wind, Photovoltaic)
  • Mobility  (Hybrid and Electric Vehicles)
  • Light Traction  (Tram, Metro, Trolleybus)
  • Railway Traction.

Energy storage capacitors

Icar boasts long standing reputation for designing and producing fast discharge energy storage capacitors. As a matter of fact, in the ‘60s Icar was already producing such items for the leading technical and scientific research laboratories (among them: CERN, ENEA and CESI).

The use of polypropylene for such purposes becomes significant only in the case of very high gradients, hence remarkable load voltage, from 2000 – 2500 V.

Icar achieves such performance by controlling the whole production process, from virgin polypropylene to finished capacitors.


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