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Pankaj Electronics enters into the Internet of Things Solutions and Services Market!!
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Behlke Power Electronics GmbH, Kronberg, Germany founded by Frank Behlke, specializes in pulsed power electronics and high-voltage semiconductor stacks.


The BEHLKE High Voltage Program consist of HV Switches, HV Pulsers, HV Diodes, HV Components & Dielectric Liquid Cooling.

  • Current Depending On-Time, SCR
  • Fixed On-Time, General Purpose, MOSFET
  • Fixed On-Time, High di/dt, MOSFET
  • Fixed On-Time, High di/dt, Ultra Fast, MOSFET
  • Fixed On-Time, Low Resistance, MOSFET
  • Variable On-Time, General Purpose, MOSFET
  • Variable On-Time, High di/dt, MOSFET
  • Variable On-Time, Low Coupling Capacitance, MOSFET
  • Variable On-Time, Low On-Resistance, MOSFET
  • Variable On-Time, AC Voltage, MOSFET
  • Variable On-Time, General Purpose, IGBT
  • Variable On-Time, Thyristor / MCT
  • Variable On-Time, Push-Pull, MOSFET
  • Laboratory Pulser & OEM Pulser Units
  • Fast Recovery High Voltage Diode Assemblies
  • DLC - Direct Liquid Cooling for HTS Switches
  • Passive Part Components & Accessories


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